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About PriceWestern

PriceWestern is an electronic media design firm specializing in the creation of Interactive Marketing Solutions enhanced with rich media elements such as animation, audio, forms, interactive photography, and video. Interactive Marketing Solutions offer the best balance of security and asthetics and can be easily delivered by CD-ROM, DVD, mobile, email, or online.

PriceWestern's capabilities encompass every aspect of the creative process from developing the interactive elements to re-purposing for traditional broadcast and print collateral. When integrated with your overall marketing strategy, PriceWestern's Interactive Marketing Solutions deliver a more dynamic user experience generating higher sales conversions and greater brand impact.

What makes our Interactive Marketing Solutions unique? Rich media... not just video, but rich media that comes alive and draws the viewer into your story, promoting better memory retention. We can create a cross-media implementation plan and campaign concept from print to electronic, for a comprehensive marketing solution.

In return, you get a compact, powerful message, reinforced across media types without wasted time or duplicated efforts. Effective and lean, with deeper reach and better pull.

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